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Disputes will inevitably arise in all businesses, but your approach can either strengthen your business or destroy it.

At Jai Stern Solicitors we have mastered the art of civil litigation. We will help you make the right choice for your business to retain clients and increase revenue.

We can help you deal with litigation in personal matters as well as all types of business disputes. We employ the most appropriate tasks and strategies for each unique situation tackling challenges efficiently so that you can move ahead.


The best strategy in litigation is to avoid it, but when you are thrust into it, you need to be prepared. We work closely to advise and assist you throughout the process, conducting regular risk assessments to manage efficiently the cost of the dispute.

We offer dispute resolution and commercial litigation services to resolve any disputes you may have. Whilst we will attempt to resolve your dispute through negotiation, if we must resort to litigation to achieve the outcome you need, then we will fight your case vigorously to the end, advising and assisting you through each stage.


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